March 1, 2016
Please note: this event was originally planned for Tuesday, January 26, but has been rescheduled due to the blizzard.

A persona is always a performance. It uses fact but also embraces fiction, and makes it hard to tell them apart. Those might be actual tears, say, but are they connected to actual sadness? Does it even matter?

Some of Chelsea Knight's performances are pure inventions, others are based in real life, and others are fictional fantasies. They often involve dramaturgy and psychoanalysis to critique socio-political power structures.

Chelsea Knight performs a lecture in the form of an artist talk, using selections of her past video and performance works.

This event is organized by Jeanne Gerrity and is the seventh event in our year-long season about and around the work of Andrea Fraser.

P.S. A video of the lecture is below.

Chelsea Knight,
Chelsea Knight, 'The End of All Resistance' [still], 2010

Andrea Fraser,
Andrea Fraser, 'Kunst muß hängen', 2001. Courtesy: Andrea Fraser and Galerie Nagel Draxler