The Research Seasons
At the heart of the Wattis Institute is a commitment to working with artists slowly, one at a time, and in-depth. While an exhibition program of (mostly) solo shows forms one part of our approach, we invest an equal amount of time and resources to being a research institute, where an entire year is dedicated to reflecting on the questions posed by a single artist’s work.

Instead of an exhibition, this year-long “season” creates an intellectual community around a broad set of themes and subjects as they relate to the work of a single artist. This long and sustained period of attention provides an in-depth engagement with an artist’s work that soon expands to include a wide and varied ecosystem of other artists, other disciplines, other ideas, and other questions that resonate with the world around us.

For each research season, the Wattis Institute:

- has one artist "on our mind"

- asks: how does this single artist’s work speak to broader questions about art, culture, and society today?

- convenes a monthly reading and discussion group with CCA faculty members along with local artists, art historians, and others

- produces a year-long series of public lectures, screenings, performances, field trips, workshops, and other public events with artists and thinkers from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines

- provides an online archive of audio and video recordings of all public events

- commissions and publishes thematic essays

- produces a major publication

Present and past seasons have been dedicated to Dodie Bellamy (2018-19), Seth Price (2017-2018), David Hammons (2016-2017), Andrea Fraser (2015-2016), and Joan Jonas (2014-2015).

Click on each name for a complete archive of events, essays, and publications or click here for the overall research archive.

The Wattis is also an exhibition venue, and click here to learn more about that side of our activities.